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Draw Down the Moon

Goddess Diana


Diana is the  Roman Goddess of the woodlands, wild animals and of the hunt.  In ancient times as Rome's contact grew with Greece, Diana was more and more identified with the Goddess Artemis.  In time the two Goddesses became virtually identical, though in modern times she is usually identified as "Diana".

Diana is most often portrayed as a  hunter, often with a bow and quiver, accompanied by maidens, hunting dogs, or deer. In this aspect, she is considered to be a pure and virginal Maiden Goddess of the Moon.

Diana is honored by women because of her association as a Goddess of childbirth, nursing and healing.  In this aspect, she is considered to be a Mother Goddess.

Because Diana was also identified with darkness and witchcraft and served as a Goddess of the Underworld,  she is also considered a Crone Goddess.

As a true Triple Goddess, her nature was as varied as her many aspects.  She could be pure and virginal, maternal and loving, or arrogant and vengeful.  She is as changeable and unpredictable as nature.  Sculptors sometimes created statues of her with three heads: those of a horse, a dog, and a boar. Such statues were displayed at places where three roads met.

The most celebrated place of worship for Diana was a sacred grove beside Lake Nemi, at Aricia near Rome.

The ancient Greek city of Ephesus was another center for the worship of Diana. The goddess had a magnificent temple there that took 220 years to construct and was regarded as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

    Within the temple was a famous ebony statue of Diana. The upper body of the statue was entirely covered with breasts, symbolizing Diana's role as goddess of fertility.


Sacred to Diana

February 12 - Festival of Diana

August 17 - Feast of Diana in Rome

May 24 - Birth of Diana

Month:  November

Zodiac Sign:  Sagittarius

Days:  the 13th, the 15th, the 27th

Day of the Week:  Friday

Symbols:  Moon, Water, Forest Items, Sun; Bow; Arrows; Hounds; Stag

Incense:  Sandalwood; Lemon; Rose

Foods include:  Blueberry; Butter; Broccoli; Coconut; Cucumber; Eggs; Grapes; Lemons; Milk; Potatoes; Pumpkins; White Wine

Colours:  White; Silver; Indigo; Black   

Goddess Diana Invocation

Diana of the rounded moon
The Queen of all enchantments here,
The wind is crying through the trees
As we invoke thee to appear

The cares of day departed are
The realm of night belongs to thee,
And we in love and kinship join
With all things wild and free.

As powers of magick round us move,
Now let times self dissolve and fade,
Here in place between the worlds,
May we be one with nature made.

Thy consort is the Horned One,
Whose sevenfold pipes make music sweet.
Old Gods of life and love and light,
Be here as we merrily meet!

For ye circle's round we tread,
And unto you the wine we pour.
The sacred Old Ones of this land
Ye we invoke by ancient lore.

By magic moon and pagan spell,
By all the secrets of the night,
dreams and desires and mystery,
Borne on the moonbeam's of silver light.

Now may we hear, or may we see,
Or may we know within the heart,
A token of true magick made,
Ere from this circle we depart.