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Goddess Bast

Egyptian Cat Goddess Bast is playful in nature and fiercely protective.  By day Bast would ride with her father, the Sun God Ra, protecting Him from his enemies as his boat pulled the Sun across the sky.  At night, when Ra was defenseless, Bast would transform into a cat and guard Ra from Apophis the serpent who was her father's greatest enemy. Using Her all-seeing sacred eye that magickally sees through the dark, Bast was eventually able to kill the serpent, ensuring that the warmth of the Sun would continue to shine upon the Nile delta bringing forth fertile earth and abundant crops.

Bast is the patron Goddess of cats who were worshiped as incarnations of the Goddess.  She is associated with all things pleasurable, such as music, dance, perfumes, and of all things feminine such as childbirth and motherhood.

Bast worship began around 3,500 B.C.E. and became the most popular Egyptian "religion" in 950 B.C.E.  A shrine was built in Baubastis the then capital of Egypt and was supposedly one of the most beautiful temples in the world.  The temple grounds had a cat cemetery where the mummified remains of her beloved cats were entombed.

Statues of Bast depict Her as a shapely woman with the head of a cat.  She is sometimes seen surrounded by kittens and wearing a green or blue dress. Sometimes she is shown holding a sistrum, a rattle used as a musical instrument in ancient times. In her myths, She takes on three forms - a woman, a half-cat and a fully feline form.

Invoke Bast to protect a woman during childbirth, to protect children and the household, to ensure fertility, to protect a traveler, and to prevent the spread of illness.

To protect yourself when traveling wear an utchat amulet around your neck.  Place the all-seeing eye  over your door to deter thieves and vandals or place it on your mantle to avert illness.  An amulet depicting a mother cat with kittens will invoke the aid of Bast to ensure that a woman will be able to conceive and bear children.

In rituals and invocations offer Her perfume creams or things that would benefit her sacred cats.

Zodiac - Leo, Taurus

Planet - Sun and Moon

Crystals - Cat's Eye, Tiger's Eye

Animal - Cat

Herb - Catnip

Color - Red


Rowan Morgana  2015