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Glastonbury Tor

When I first saw Glastonbury Tor, it was shrouded in morning mist, a lone figure on a hill leaning towards the right as if pushed by the wind.  Surrounded by green meadows and grazing sheep, it seemed to call me towards it.  There is a foot path on the west side of the hill with steps carved into the earth.  With each step I took towards the Tor, it felt as if I was moving into another time and place.  The ancient stones were pitted and weathered and gray, yet surprisingly well-fitted.  There was a moment when the sun peeked out, illuminating the stone, giving it a sheen of gold and silver.....a gift of beauty bestowed by the ancient Gods. 


From the shadowy interior of the Tor looking through the arched doorway, I saw the bright sun shining on the pretty English countryside. I looked from darkness into light, as if I was viewing the scene from the "other side". I felt the ancient veil between the worlds becoming a gossamer web, so thin that I had to have a care not to go through. 

Glastonbury Tor is at the center of the English Ley Lines (Lines of Power) which radiate outwards in straight lines from the Tor.  Directly on the Ley Lines are Old Sarum, Clearbury Ring (a set of earthwork rings), Woodhenge, the Uffington White Horse, Dargon Hill, Winchester Cathedral, Avebury and Stonehenge among other sacred sites.  Remember that these are straight lines, connecting each of these places of power.  To sit on a Ley Line (which I have done) is a power gathering can not only feel the physical power course through your body, but also the more subtle metaphysical/magickal energy.

Key - Map References

1 Beckhampton Longstone 'Adam'
2 Rollrights King Stone, Oxon
3 Rudston Monolith, Yorks
4 Wardstone Barrow,Dorset
5 Trelew Henge, Cornwall
6 Glastonbury Tor, Somerset
7 Stump Cross, Shepton Mallett
8 Ivinghoe, Chilterns
9 Hopton-on Sea, Suffolk
10 Snaefell, Isle of Man
11 Craigenlee Fell, Galloway
12 Old Sarum, Wilts
13 Boniface Down, Isle of Wight
14 Combe Hill, Beachy Head
15 Helvellyn, High Crag, Cumbria
16 Skiddaw, Cumbria
17 Thursford, Norfolk
18 Foel Cwmcerwyn, Prescelly
19 Lundy Island
20 Dover
21 Prawle Point, Devon
22 Yes Tor, Devon
23 Dunkery Beacon, Somerset
24 Moel Fammau, Clwyd
25 Malvern Worcester Beacon
26 Esgairnantau, Radnor
27 High Seat, North Yorks
28 High Street, Cumbria
29 The Wrekin, Shropshire
30 Scilly Isles
31 Thurcaston Stones, Leicester
32 Carnedd Llewelyn, Snowdonia
33 Stonehenge, Wiltshire
34 Castlerigg Stone Circle, Cumbria
35 Kinder Edge, Waterfall, Derbys
36 Mam Tor, Castleton, Derbys
37 Stanton King Stone, Derbys
38 Inscribed Stone, Anglesey
39 Tower of London, Site of.
40 Duel Stone, Norfolk
41 Mitchells Fold, Shropshire
42 Great Orme, Llandudno.
43 Longstone, Exmoor
44 Oxwich Point, Gower
45 Mynydd Pennant, Cadar Idris
46 Snowdon
47 Standing Stone, Holy Island
48 Standing Stone, Anglesey
49 Long Mynd
50 Brown Clee Hill
51 The Lizard, Cornwell
52 Leith Hill, Surrey
53 Beacon Hill, Hants
54 Swyre Head, Dorset
55 Harwich, Essex
56 Hengistbury Head, Dorset
57 Totland, Isle of Wight


The town of Glastonbury is a delightful mixture of metaphysical shops, fortune tellers, shamans, witches, charlatans and wizards.  It's a must-see for anyone interested in the Craft.  Glastonbury is said to be  the legendary Avalon of King Arthur and he is supposedly buried somewhere near.  The Tor is said to be the haunt of the King of the Fairies, (Gwyn ap Nudd) who is also known as the WildHuntsman who rides on dark and windy nights over the hills.  

  © Rowan Morgana

Published 2001 "The Wiccan Read"