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How to Make Gemstone Elixirs

To make a gem elixir, select the stone or stones that are suitable for the issue that you need to address.  It’s advisable to meditate first to receive guidance and permission from the stone to be used. 


Clean your crystal or stone and place in a clear glass bowl or container and fill with pure water.  Place the bowl outside in the sunlight for 2 to 4 hours. Cloudy days are not suitable for making gem elixirs.  The water absorbs the crystal’s power and vibrations.


To keep the crystal energy from absorbing your own energy and affecting the elixir, place and remove the stones with a spoon rather than handling them directly.  Be sure that you are in a calm and focused emotional state when making your elixir, strong emotions can affect the quality of the elixir.


After the water has been charged by the gemstone, it is filtered and usually preserved with alcohol or vinegar. To preserve an elixir, fill a container halfway with your essence and fill the rest of the bottle with brandy or vodka or with vinegar or with half vinegar or alcohol and pure water.  The alcohol or vinegar is used to inhibit bacterial growth and will help to “fix” the vibration of the elixir. 


Gem elixirs are often used by drinking glasses of the charged water, or by placing two to five drops of the elixir in a glass of water or under the tongue two to four times a day. They can also be used topically on the skin or put in bathwater. You can add them to sprays that you use for room or aura clearing.


Some stones can’t be soaked in water, so alternative methods are then to be used to make elixirs.


  • Place the stone in a smaller container which is placed in the larger container of water
  • Place stones around the container being charged.


These two methods are often used in combination. Some sources recommend that you have at least six stones of the same type to place around the container, others use quartz points to amplify and direct the energy of the stone you are making an elixir with into the water.


WARNING!  Be careful regarding drinking gem elixirs that have been made by soaking gems in water.  Some crystals are toxic, make sure that it’s safe before you use them. Water can leach toxic chemicals from gemstones.   Toxic gemstones include but are not limited to, Copper, which would include azurite and Malachite. Orpiment is arsenic and Cinnabar contains Mercury for example. To make elixirs from toxic gemstones use the non-soaking method described above.



 Gem Elixir Properties


The list below provides some descriptions of the uses for several gem elixirs. These are gathered from several sources and should only be used as a partial guide for the use of gem elixirs. Consult gem properties lists and especially your intuition for other uses. Different sources of information often vary greatly as to the purpose the elixirs are used for.

Abalone shell: treats excessive anxiety and fear for others. Also helps psychic connection with the water element.

Amazonite: treats feelings of social inadequacy.

Amber: For despair.

Amethyst: For those who strongly resist any interference with their freedom to make their own decisions and plans. Raises vibration to a more spiritual level.

Aquamarine: over-enthusiasm, tenseness, stress and strain. Bringing a calm, quiet clarity to an overactive mental body; increases one's ability to achieve a neutral, serene state of mind.

Aragonite: overcoming a feeling of helplessness.

Aventurine: mental rigidity, high mindedness, pride and aloofness. Strengthens and stabilizes us during growth experiences; helps us move into and through new experiences with grace, stamina and perseverance; good for spiritual trailblazers and pioneers.

Azurite: grounding communication; opens and strengthens the connection between the feminine earth forces. Helps us communicate with authenticity, gentleness. For those unable to control their own reality.

Beryl: low self-esteem.

Black Tourmaline: helps us exchange old unwanted energies for fresh, clean,  neutral energy; a precision tool for the release of toxic energy from the mind, emotions, and especially the physical body. Offers protection and grounding. For restlessness.

Bloodstone: strengthens our connection to the earth; brings a stronger flow of earth energies. Aids in stability after trauma or emotional upset. For those who demand unquestioning affection.

Black Onyx: For those unable to confront their emotions. For frustration with the slow development of events.

Blue Lace Agate: For hatred of others and suspicion.

Calcite: For feelings of emotional confinement. For the fear that there is no point in formulating fresh goals.

Carnelian: increases the etheric body's ability to access spiritual energy; energizes and clears the energetic interface between the etheric body and the meridians, allowing a greater flow of energy to the meridians.

Chrysocolla: opens, softens, and expands the inner dimensions of the heart chakra; helps us release tension and armouring around giving and receiving love; increases flexibility in the mind and body to allow the vibration of love to flow. For those stuck in an over-organized life routine.

Chrysoprase: brings the heart chakra into harmonious union with the green energy frequency of the planet; synchronizes the subtle bodies with the heart energy of the earth; helps us accept the earth as our home treats arrogance and egotism.

Citrine: harmonizes the mental body with higher spiritual laws; increases access to divine truth and intelligence; amplifies qualities of concentration, centring, and rational mind.

Diamond: harmonizes divine and personal will; helps us activate personal will in its highest form; strengthens our ability to act in alignment with divine purpose.

Dioptase: For those who deny themselves emotionally.

Dolomite: For lack of resourcefulness. For fear of failure.

Emerald: a universal heart cleanser and balance; energies of the Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine; gently coaxes the heart to open to allow a greater experience of love in the physical body.

Fluorite: works to bring increased energies into the physical body by breaking up blockages in the etheric body.

Gold: enables us to access and bring forth into physical reality the highest aspects of our personal identity; helps us tap into our inner truth, joy, and wisdom as a source of creative power.

Green Jasper: reconnects body rhythms with earthly rhythms when there has been a disruption to the natural flow; helps us connect to the wild feminine; restores earthly sensuality and healthy sexuality.

Green Tourmaline: For those who set themselves idealistic but illusory goals with resulting disappointment.

Hematite: For feelings of defencelessness. strengthens energetic boundaries in the emotional body; promotes emotional independence rather than co-dependency; helps us maintain a state of compassionate detachment while witnessing an intense emotional experience in another, and contain our own emotional experiences in a responsible way.

Herkimer Diamond: a highly developed transmitter of white light; promotes clarity of vision; stimulates healing at all levels; facilitates clarity during the dream state. For the inability to achieve goals. A receiver of conditional love.

Jade: For those who require help in being realistic about their ideals. Becoming the practical mystic a vibration of peace, balance, and timeless simplicity; helps us stay centred in the moment with an awareness and acceptance of our true essence.

Kunzite: opens the heart to an awareness of our own angelic presence; helps us experience the spiritual love of the angelic kingdom and integrate it into the physical body.

Labradorite: For tension arising from frustration. For those whose relationships rarely meet expectations bathes and nourishes the entire energy system with full-spectrum light; renews and refreshes our perspective; helps us again see the magnificent in the mundane, and the divine in the ordinary.

Lapis Lazuli: amplifies the ability to hear information from physical and non-physical sources; clears confusion between hearing and knowing.

Magnesite: For emotional insecurity. For disappointment at the non-fulfilment
of hopes.

Mahogany Obsidian: For those seeking an unrealistic perfection in their sex

Malachite: For those striving too hard to control their reality. Grounding; helps align and harmonize the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of being; supports the unity of one's being in all circumstances. Do not take it internally.

Moldavite: connectedness; an energetic window into universal perspective; helps us stay present in the moment while accessing what we need to express our earthly potential.

Moonstone: cleanses and circulates energy in the emotional body; increases feminine energy and intuition in women and men. For those who feel threatened by their environment. For the reckless spending of money.

Moss Agate: For repressed sexual feelings.

Nephrite: For those overwhelmed by many details and pulled in many directions at once.

Opal: feeds the etheric and subtle bodies with a full spectrum of luminous colours; rejuvenates spent emotional and mental forces and counteracts the depletion of colour frequencies in the aura replenishes our creative energies. For
suppressed agitation from attempting to resist and form of stimulation.

Orange Calcite: amplifies the body's ability to assimilate light at the cellular level; uplifting, energizing and warming; dispels darkness and grief.

Pearl: promotes the release of layers of irritation in the mental and emotional bodies that are seen in the physical body as hardness and inflexibility; helps one turn antagonism for oneself or one's illness into awareness and acceptance. For emotional excitement associated with fear.

Pink Tourmaline: For lack of creativity through a repressed personality.

Peridot: the stone of new beginnings; stabilizes the subtle bodies during the incubation period of new ideas and creative projects; helps us initiate new cycles of earning and experience.

Pyrite: helps one build an energetic foundation in life based on one's highest personal truth; strengthens one's sense of self, especially with regard to group dynamics and peer pressure; helps one solidify and honour one's values.

Quartz: For protection against adverse environmental influences.

Rose Quartz: For lack of self-discipline; Fear of responsibility; Love and inner peace. Opens softens and soothes the heart; helps one connect to and nurture the inner child; harmonizes the heart forces so one is able to maintain
intimacy with oneself and others.

Rutilated Quartz: For those who overemphasize sensuous luxury; promotes precision alignment with higher sources of energy and inspiration helps us physically anchor the ability to access, synthesize, and communicate information from
other dimensions.

Smoky Quartz: For fear of emotional interaction with others. Grounding and calming; synchronize body energy with earth energy; regulates and stabilizes the detoxification of unwanted energies from the physical, emotional, and
mental bodies.

Rhodocrosite: exhaustion arising from frustration; increases energy, balance, and stability in the heart chakra and in the physical body; brings a balance of nurturing earth energy to the heart chakra after an experience of
healing and transformation.

Rhodolite Garnet: increases our ability to inhabit the physical body; helps us reconnect energetically with parts of the body that have been injured or traumatized; rebuilds the web of etheric energy in areas disrupted by surgery.

Rhodonite: For physical exhaustion. For fear of criticism.

Ruby: supports the ability to ground spiritual energy into the physical body; works with the lower chakras to awaken higher impersonal love.

Sapphire: devotion to divine purpose; helps synchronize our energy system with our higher purpose; intensifies the qualities of loyalty and responsibility to our true work on the planet.

Star Sapphire: promotes trust in the universe; helps us focus our awareness on what is necessary for the soul's progression in life; supports the formation of energetic connections that support the realization of our life goals.

Sugilite: brings depth and a physical richness to our spiritual lives; helps us physically manifest a warmer, more feminine quality of spirituality; promotes an easy acceptance of rather than a hard striving for the spiritual realm.

Selenite: guilt and inability to relinquish the past; those who are over-imaginative and given to fantasy.

Sodalite: Overcoming a desire for inappropriate action; rage and a need for negative attention.


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