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Magick Peony Petals




Peony is of the Sun and Leo, but is also associated with the Moon, creating a perfect balance of both sources of light. Legend has it that the peony flower was created by the Moon Goddess to reflect Her light during the night to protect Her children. Gather Peony roots, flowers and seeds at night during a waxing or full Moon.

Peony seeds are very magickal, and are said to shine with their own inner light. If you’re lucky enough to have flowers that have set seed, harvest them under the light of the Full Moon, and allow them to dry. They may be used in charms and talismans of protection or threaded on a white string to be worn as a necklace of protection against harm.

Peony roots have the power to protect against misfortune, bolster health, break jinxes, and draw good fortune. Peony roots may be carved into protective amulets or made into beads that can be worn during rituals. After harvesting, clean the roots with water and then carve them while they are still fresh. Once dried the roots become as hard as rocks! To make beads slice the roots into thin rounds and pierce the rounds with a fat needle. Allow the amulets or beads to dry before using them.

Dried peony flowers have a subtle, intoxicating scent. Because they are a perfect balance of the Sun God and the Moon Goddess, I often use them as a ritual offering. The lovely pale, scented, petals sprinkled on or around the Altar draw me deeply into the magick and mystery of witchcraft. 

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