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Spells To Enchant Your Garden

Items needed:
incense censer (optional)
blessing oil
silver bell
wine or mead
silver chalice
   Bless a new garden by burning incense in the centre of the garden asking the Fair ones to protect and nourish it. You could also place a bit of the incense (unburned) along with small gifts in the four quarters of the garden. To call the Faerie Guardians, at sunset stand in the centre by the burning incense censer and anoint your forehead with Oil. Speak aloud the elemental calls facing the appropriate direction. After each call ring a silver bell. Then drink a libation of sweet wine or honey mead from a silver chalice and pour a few drops upon the earth. Be sure to turn in a clockwise direction. These are the traditional Northumbrian Faery Calls:


To The East: (with a gift of feathers) -
"I call upon thee Avary (A-vury). That with the East ye shalt guard me and mine. Bind thyself to this place"

To The South (with a gift of flint) -
"O, Hailec (Hay-lek) come to me this day, the powers of the South to stay. Bind thyself to this place"

To The West (with the gift of a seashell) -
"O, from the West I call thee Norat (Nor-att) to protect me as my fort. Bind thyself to this

To The North (with the gift of a crystal) -
"O, Tesac (T-zak) guard me to the North, to strengthen here my Faery fort. Bind thyself to
this place"

Now sit upon the earth and close your eyes. Feel the presence of the Faerie folk - bid them tend your garden well, and with a heartfelt thank you, depart.



Another way to enchant a garden or grove is to write runic blessings upon coloured ribbons or strips of cloth (no synthetics, please). Pass them through incense smoke and anoint them with Oil to charge their words. Then tie them to the branches of the trees and bushes creating a rainbow of dancing colours. The beautiful fragrance and the bright hues are sure to attract the Faerie Folk. Be sure to include children when working Faerie Magick, or at least your own inner child!