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Drawing Down the Moon


"If I command the moon, it will come down; and if I wish to withhold the day, night will linger over my head; and again, if I wish to embark on the sea, I need no ship, and if I wish to fly through the air, I am free from my weight." Thessalian Witches


Drawing Down the Moon is a beautiful Wiccan Ritual that is usually done within a Cast Circle on a Full Moon and preferably under the light of the Full Moon. The Ritual is traditionally performed by a coven's High Priestess who enters a trance and calls the Goddess to enter her and speak through her.  While the Priestess is in trance she speaks and acts as the Goddess.  She may recite the Charge of the Goddess or she may speak prophecy and give advise.

This Ritual may also be performed by a solitary by standing in the light of the Moon, arms in Goddess position (Y) and chanting or reciting the Charge of the Goddess.


In this part of the Drawing Down Ritual, the Coven or High Priest would recite the following poetry to call the Goddess to descend into the body of the High Priestess:



Blessed be thy feet, that have brought thee in these ways.

Blessed be thy knees, that shall kneel at the sacred altar.

Blessed be thy womb, without which we would not be.

Blessed be thy breasts, formed in beauty.

Blessed be thy lips that shall utter the Sacred Names.

We invoke thee and call upon thee, Mighty Mother of us all,

Bringer of all fruitfulness: by seed and root, by bud and stem,

By leaf and flower and fruit, by life and love do we invoke thee

To descend upon the body of this thy servant and Priestess.

Hail Diana! From the Amalthean Horn

Pour forth thy store of love; we lowly bend

Before thee, we adore thee to the end,

With loving sacrifice thy shrine adorn.


This next section of the Drawing Down Ritual is spoken by the High Priestess invoke the Goddess.  A solitary could also use these words to Draw Down the Moon. 


Of the Mother darksome and divine

Mine the scourge, and mine the kiss;

The five-point star of love and bliss-

Here I charge you, in this sign. 

(Carve an invoking Earth Pentagram.)


(Goddess position, arms raised) 

All ye assembled in my sight,

Bow before my spirit bright

Aphrodite, Arionhod.

Lover of the Horned God, 

Mighty Queen of Witchery and night,

Morgan, Etoine, Nisene,

Diana, Bridgid, Melusine,

Am I named of old by men,

Artemis and Cerridwen,

Hell’s dark mistress, Heaven’s queen. 

Ye who would ask of me a rune,

Or who would ask of me a boon,

Meet in some secret glade,

Dance in my round in green wood shade, 

By the light of the Full Moon.

In a place, wild and lone

Dance about mine altar stone;

Work my holy mystery.

Ye who are feign to sorcery,

I bring ye secrets yet unknown. 

No more shall ye know slavery,

Who give true worship unto me.

Ye who tread my round on Sabbat night,

Come ye all naked to the rite,

In token that ye be really free.

I teach ye the mystery of rebirth,

Work ye my mysteries in mirth.

Heart joined to heart and lip to lip, 

Five are the points of fellowship,

That bring ye ecstasy on earth,

For I am the circle of rebirth.

I ask no sacrifice, but do bow,

No other Law but love I know,

By naught but love may I be known.

All things living are mine own,

From me they come, to me they go.

I invoke Thee and call upon Thee

Mighty Mother of us all.

Bringer of Fruitfulness by seed and by root.

I invoke Thee by stem and bud.

I invoke Thee by life and love

And call upon thee to descent into the body

Of this Thy Priestess and Servant.

Hear with her ears, speak with her tongue,

Touch with her hands, kiss with her lips,

That thy servants may be fulfilled.


At this point in the Ritual, the Goddess has descended into the body of the High Priestess.  Everything said or done from this point on is considered to come directly from the Goddess Herself.  In many traditions, the High Priestess recites the Charge of the Goddess, or she may simply speak using her own words. 


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