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Goddess Diana Invocations


Diana our beautiful Lady, we ask that you come to us here in this beautiful forest on this Full Moon night.  Please, observe and witness this Rite and the spirit in which it is performed.
We ask for your blessings in this undertaking. Know that our hearts are filled with love for you and that we are of your people.
We come before you now to renew the ancient bond, to reclaim what aspects of the Old Ways still remain open to us in this place and in this time.
Blessed Be.


"Goddess of the forests and the Moon,
Diana of the Silver Crescent,
I chant my praises to you.
I lift my arms to your heavenly Crescent.
My thanks to you for caring for the woodland creatures,
For protecting the forests and meadow lands.
Protect me and mine, for we are your spiritual children.
Lovely Diana, I sing your praises.
from "Moon Magick" by D. J. Conway


Diana, queen of night,
            In all your beauty bright,
            Shine on us here,
            And with your silver beam
            Unlock the gate of dream;
            Rise bright and clear.
            On earth and sky and sea,
            Your magic mystery
            Its spell shall cast,
            Wherever leaf may grow,
            Wherever tide may flow,
            Till all be past.
            O secret queen of power,
            At this enchanted hour
            We ask your boon.
            May fortune's favor fall
            Upon true witches all,
            O Lady Moon!

                    Doreen Valiente
                                     "Witcraft For Tomorrow" pp. 189-190