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Crystal Skull Magick

There is something extremely mystical about a crystal carved into the shape of a skull.  The skull shape is familiar to us, a human image that we can easily relate to.  One can gaze into the eye sockets of a crystal skull and psychically “see” what the future may hold. The skull shape also makes it easier for us to experience the “personality” of the crystal, it is much easier for humans to relate to a face rather than a lump of stone. Some claim that when a crystal is carved into a skull shape, the frequency of its vibration becomes similar to that of human thought, creating a magickal flow between skull and human.


 On the human body, the Skull is the vessel that holds the brain, the seat of our knowledge.  Crystal Skulls, especially clear quartz Crystal Skulls, are also thought to be repositories of wisdom, waiting to be unlocked.  Many crystals and stones are millions of years old and contain ancient “memories” that can be tapped into.


The most famous skull the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, found in 1924 at the base of a Mayan Pyramid. It may be the most ancient crystal skull known to man and has many legends attached to it. It has been said that it may be the crystallized skull of an Atlantean Princess or one of the lost Thirteen Skulls, that if found and decoded, would save the world in the advent of a global catastrophe. The knowledge of the Thirteen Skulls is said to have the ability to advance human evolution if all were found and placed together.


Before using your Crystal Skull it must first be cleansed and programmed. Once this is done your Skull may be used for magick and spells concerning healing, divination, spiritual awakening, gateways, creation, hidden mysteries and power.  Crystal Skulls, by their nature, are very powerful magickal tools.  Some people have experienced odd smells, spirit visitation, strange sounds, or images of past lives seen within the clear crystal.


To use a skull for healing, fill it up with healing energy and point the face of the skull towards the person or image of the person to be healed, visualizing the healing as accomplished. For more intense healing, use more than one skull.


Skulls represent the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, which are the spiritual energy centres of the human body, and as such, are wonderful tools for divination and intuition.  To use a skull for divination, program the skull and then gaze at the patterns inside the crystal, or look into the eye sockets.  You may see patterns, pictures or scenes that can be interpreted, or you may have an intuition, or even hear an inner voice guiding you. 


The Skull may also be used as a doorway or portal into other realms when held during intense meditation or pathworking.


Skull bead necklaces can be programmed and worn as a magick charm.  String the skull beads onto red cord, knotting in your desire after each bead.  When not in use your skull necklace should be stored in a box with a crystal skull.

Rowan Morgana 2014