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Crossing of the Winds Spell

Crossing of the Winds 

This spell must be done outside on a windy day. A good place to cast a circle and begin the magickal working would be on top of a hillside or mountain.   I am not able to get to one of those easily so I go up onto the roof garden of a friend of mine.   Another good place would be by the ocean or on cliff tops, but please be careful not to go too near the edge!  

  Cast a circle the normal way.  If it’s windy a circle of pebbles works well.    You do not have to have candles but if you want them at the quarters and on a portable altar,  then put them inside glass lanterns or jars


In your cauldron, censor or a small iron bucket light a fire or charcoals so that you can see the wind blowing smoke.  (You can of course use incense made of sweet-smelling herbs.)     Have 3 attractive pebbles you have chosen yourself as an offering to the winds.    

Now you invoke the winds:     


I come to the crossing of the winds in a sacred place that I make my own: 

 In perfect balance with the God and Goddess: 

I offer up this rite of casting ritual stones:

 North,  South,  East and West!  

 I call out to the element of air, and wind to offer up my best ritual stones.

Elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air! 

 Churn me in your energies...I dare!  

 Bring to one who asks, the power of your winds!

 Cross them within me, let me hear them sing!  

 I call the crossing of the winds!           

 Raise your hands high into the air, I hold out my wand for this and `feel` the energy come through it to me.  You can do this with your outstretched arms and hands also to `feel` the flow of the wind’s energy.      

 Pick up your 3 pebbles/stones and hurl them from you.  Imagine that with each throw your stone will project further.   (It will!)   Think of the goal or intent of the spell you wish to cast and `see` it building in power with each throw.   Your spell has now been projected and carried by the wind.    

Hurl the last pebble/stone, and envision your goal/intent                                                               


"Direct thine and mine energies into this my goal.   As is my will, so mote it be!"     

This will also amplify any spell if done in addition. 


   Source Maiya Seadreamer