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To Consecrate something is to bless it for sacred use. Consecration normally involves cleansing the object of past influences, then charging it with new energy that corresponds to the intended magickal use.

Consecration is really quite easy. However, this has not prevented people from making it seem very complicated.  It is a simple task that anyone can do.

Below I have outlined standard methods of Consecration.  Use them as a guide, but don't feel bound by them.  Intent and focused concentration are the most important elements. 


  1. Begin by clearing your mind and releasing all unwanted thoughts.  Take a few moments to really bring yourself into the "now".
  2. Hold the object that you wish to Consecrate in both your hands.
  3. Imagine a ball of white light in your Heart Chakra.  Focus on the idea of cleansing and purification, in this way you charge the light with cleansing power.
  4. Now imagine white light flowing from your Heart Chakra down through your arms.  See this light flowing through your hands and into the object you are holding.  Concentrate on removing all extraneous energies from the object and visualize it filling with golden yellow light.
  5. Silently (or aloud) confirm: "I cleanse and purify this sacred tool".
  6. Continue to visualize the object pulsing with golden yellow light, until it feels "clean".
  7. Again focus on the ball of white light at your Heart Chakra.  Allow the light to flow into the object you are holding.  See the object filling with blue-white light.
  8. Silently (or aloud) confirm:  "I Bless and Consecrate this sacred tool".
  9. Continue to focus blue-white light into the object for a few moments.