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Purify and Consecrate

To properly purify an object for magickal use,  pass it through incense smoke, then pass it over a candle flame, sprinkle it with water, and then with salt.


Incense Smoke - By the sacred smoke of the Eastern Quarter, you are purified.

Candle Flame - By the sacred fire of the Southern Quarter, you are purified.

Water - By the sacred water of the Western Quarter, you are purified.

Salt - By the sacred earth of the Northern Quarter, you are purified.

To consecrate the object, place it on your Altar or upon your Altar Pentacle and hold your dominant hand over it. Alternately you may hold the object in your dominant hand if you prefer.  Ask the God/dess to bless it and visualize white light  (or whatever colour corresponds to your magickal purpose), streaming from your hand into the object and charging it with magickal power.  If you are consecrating an item for a specific purpose, such as healing, visualize healing energy streaming from your hand into the object