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Color Charged Healing Water

Ordinary tap water can be transformed into medicine by charging it with colored light. Search out flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales for different colored glass bottles. To create a healing colored potion simply fill the bottle of appropriate color with clear water and set it in the window for six to eight hours to charge in the light.  Your potion will still charge even if the sun is not shining. The finished water can be kept in the fridge for up to five days.  To use, drink a small glass of the color-charged water three times a day or you may bathe the affected area with the healing water.




RED – Warming, invigorating.  Use to combat tiredness and lethargy. Raise low blood pressure, boost circulation.

PINK – Use pink as a substitute for red on younger children.

ORANGE - Boost respiratory system. Used to combat asthma and bronchitis and as a  tonic & laxative.

YELLOW –Mild sedative, removes fears.  Used to combat indigestion, constipation, and menstrual problems.

GREEN - Overall healing, general tonic and revitalizer. Used for heart trouble, headaches, ulcers, colds and boils.

BLUE – Antiseptic and cooling, use on inflammations, cuts burns and rheumatism.

INDIGO – Mild narcotic. Removes fears and fear of the dark.  Used for emotional disorders, deafness and eyes.

VIOLET - Purifying, restores calm to mind. Used for acne, all types of skin disorders and insomnia.


Rowan Morgana 2014          

Sources Buckland’s Complete Source of Witchcraft