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How to Charge a Crystal or Stone


Your crystal or stone will come to you already programmed from everything that it has experienced over its lifetime. The metaphysical energy within your stone will  NOT be the energy that you wish it to retain. That is why it's so important to thoroughly cleanse your stone when you first obtain it. Think of the stone has having a memory, just like your computer.  Cleansing will delete the hard drive so that you can re-program it to your specifications.  Your crystal will become focused on you.

You should program or "charge" your crystal immediately after cleansing it.  Charging simply means that you are going to direct energy into your stone, infusing it with the properties you wish it to retain. Charging works on the metaphysical "Law of Attraction" based on the principle that thoughts are things. If you think baneful, unhappy thoughts, you will attract unhappiness.  If you think happy, abundant thoughts you will attract happiness and abundance.  

To begin charging your stone or crystal, hold the crystal or stone in your receiving hand - the left hand, if you're right, handed or right hand if you're left-handed. If you're charging a crystal make sure the point is facing up. If you're charging a stone, then it doesn't matter how you hold it.  Imagine a white beam of light flowing from your hand into the crystal and exiting at the termination point. Keep this up until you feel that the stone has been thoroughly cleared.

Breath deeply and allow yourself to relax into a meditative state.  Crystal programming only works with mental images, you must have a clear picture in your mind of the energy you wish your crystal to receive.

Using your thoughts, send the mental images into the crystal. For personal healing, envision yourself totally healthy, happy, and vibrant. If you're programming the crystal as a personal talisman then envision yourself in a total state of well being. Whatever energy you wish the crystal to absorb, send the mental images of it into the stone. Be sure that your thoughts are for the higher good and harmful to none, else the crystal will amplify and release the baneful energy right back at you.

Allow your thoughts to flow into the stone creating a current of energy. You may feel the stone vibrate slightly and begin to warm up.  The energy that you are beaming to the crystal excites the inner molecules making them move at a higher frequency, creating heat. Continue to send your thoughts into the crystal until you feel that it is "full". You must trust yourself on this, you will know when the crystal is fully programmed and ready.

Wrap your crystal in silk or linen and store it where no one else will handle it.