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Celtic Tree Month of Ash February 18 - March 7




Third consonant of the Ogham alphabet - Nion  "N"  (pronounced knee-un) 



Planet: Sun & Neptune

Element: Water, fire

Symbolism: Mastership and Power

Stone: Turquoise, Lepidolite

Birds: Snipe

Animals: Unicorn

Color: Blue

Gemstone: Sea-Green Beryl

Deity: Thor, Woden, Mars, Uranus, Gwydion, Odin, Poseidon, Eostra, Minerva

Folk Names: Ash, Common Ash, Unicorn Tree, Guardian Tree


Tarot:  Hanged Man


The Ash Moon is also known as Yggdrassil, the great tree that supports the universe.  Odin hung upon an Ash tree for three days and nights until the twigs of the tree formed themselves into the runic alphabet. Woden used the Ash as his steed. Because of its watery associations the Ash is also the tree of Poseidon


In Ireland three of their five magick trees were Ash. The Ash was one of the sacred Druidic three: ‘Oak, Ash & Thorn’. The Druids attributed special powers over water to the ash tree. They used its wood to make it rain or to ward off water’s destructive power. The Ash is the tree of sea power, or of the power resident in water.


The ceremonial log that’s burned at Yule is often made of Ash.   Traditionally the new Yule log is kindled each year with a piece of last year’s log and allowed to smolder for 12 days before ceremonially putting it out.



The month of Ash is a good time to do magick to learn your inner self so that you may become stronger and more confident.


Ash magick is used for sea power, ocean rituals, karmic laws, magical potency, healing, protection from drowning, love, rain making, women’s mysteries, prophetic dreams, general protection, Prosperity, and health.


Magickal tools with handles of Ash are supposed to be more productive than if made with other wood.  Witches besoms often have handles made of Ash.


Protection:  Ash berries placed in a cradle will guard the infant from being traded for a changeling by the Fey.  Wear Ash talismans or use Ash twigs to repel snakes and nasty people.


Healing:  Ash contains guardian spirits who are capable of absorbing illness.  Ash wands carved with spirals are excellent healing wands. Place Ash leaves or bark in medicine pouches.  Remove warts by sticking a pin in an Ash tree, then trusting it into the wart. Repeat this incantation:

“Ashen tree, Ashen tree, pray these warts off of me.”

Place the pin back in the tree and leave it there.


Control the Weather:  Use the twigs to make it rain or stop destructive floods.


Dreams:  Place an Ash leaf under your pillow to induce prophetic dreams.


Love:  Carry an Ash leaf will attract the opposite sex.


The Spirit World:  The Ash is called the “Unicorn Tree” because it is said that unicorns are attracted to it.  To see a unicorn carry Ash wood or leaves.



The Fey: The Ash Fairy is androgynous and ambiguous, carrying great mysticism and power and making many connections: between this world and the Otherworld, between masculine and feminine, and between differing ideas. The ash fairy understands that problems are rarely solved on the level at which they were created.


Harvesting:  Be sure to ask permission of the tree before taking any part of it and be sure to leave an offering.



I breathe Life easily. I speak my truth. I am protected. I am at one with the Universe.

I honor the energy of ash, the magician's staff.

I will recognize that "as above, so below," I play a part in the larger scheme of things.

I will link my inner and outer worlds.

So mote it be


Health and Healing:  In the spring use the tender tops of leaves to make a tea that is a diuretic to help with weight loss, liver and spleen cleanser and to make the immune system stronger.  Flowering Ash has a sugary sap that can be used as a laxative.


©Rowan Morgana 2014


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