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 Candle Magick

Candle magick is one of the most popular ways to cast a spell. They come in lots of colours and can be made with natural waxes such as soy or beeswax.  Inexpensive candles are made with paraffin wax and are much less expensive than natural wax candles, however, they are thought to be less magickally powerful than natural waxes.  


Basic Candle Magick Instructions:


  1. Choose the appropriate colour,   when in doubt choose a white candle.  White can be used as a substitute for any colour.
  2. Burn the candle all in one sitting.  If you don't have time to sit for 2 or more hours use a birthday candle!
  3. Charge the candle with your intention. 
  4. Carve the candle with a carving tool such as a rose thorn (I like to use a nut pick). Typical sigils carved into a candle would be the name of the person the magick is being performed for, astrological symbols, runic symbols, numbers, dates etc.  Some spells indicate exactly what to carve into the spell candle.
  5. Dress the candle with oil, then roll it in herbs that compliment your desired spell outcome.   Typically the spell will tell you which oils and herbs to use, but if not then use whatever will compliment your desired spell outcome.  
  6. Once you have completed your spell, do not re-use your candle for other spells or rituals.  Bury it in the earth or place it in a river, lake or stream.

Types of Candles

black - return hexes, baneful energies and evil intent
green - good luck, money
red - sex and romance

Cross or Crucifix - altar candles and uncrossing rituals

green -fast cash, have debts repaid
red - sex spells
black - domination spells

Human Figures -  Used to represent wither yourself or the person you're doing the spell for.  Coordinate the colour with the purpose of the spell or the person the candle is meant to represent.

Couple Candle - A single candle representing a man and woman standing side by side.  Use for marital binding and love spells.

Loving Couple Candle - A single candle depicting a naked man and woman embracing.  Use for romantic and binding spells.

Divorce Candle - A single candle depicting a cojoined man and woman standing back to back.  Use for divorce and separation spells.

Skulls -
white - persuasion, communication, uncrossing
black - domination, hexing, spell-reversals

Witch - Luck, love and reversing spells.  To receive the blessings of a witch.

Seven Knob - To use a seven knob candle burn one knob every 24 hours taking seven days to completely burn the candle
black - prevent and eliminate conflicts, banishing
red - romance, emotional issues
green - employment, luck, finances

Double Action Candles - Have two colours, usually red and black or green and black, one column of colour on top of the other.  Burn to increase beneficial forces and dispel baneful energies.

Triple Action Candles - Have three layers of colours

Reverse Action Candles - Red candles coated with a layer of black wax. Use to reverse baneful spells and send them back where they came from.

Seven Day Candles - Designed to burn for seven days, come in many colours and are usually encased in a glass sleeve.  May be used for any purpose. To dress and bless a seven-day candle (they don't usually come out of the sleeve), drill holes in the top of the candle and insert oil, then sprinkle the top with herbs and/or glitter.

The sleeves of seven-day candles have special designs on the glass which may depict a spirit or a saint and the candle colour inside will coordinate with the spirit.  Other sleeve designs coordinate with the goal of the spell: gambling, luck, uncrossing etc.  Some of the decorated sleeves are a spell in themselves with prayers or petitions printed on the glass.

To create your own Seven Day Candle dedicated to the spell or spirit that you are working with:


  1. Obtain a Seven Day Candle in the colour of your choice inside a clear un-decorated sleeve.
  2. Attach your image to the candle with glass glue.
  3. Decorate with glitter glue and spell enhancing objects appropriate to the purpose of the candle.  

Candle Flame Divination

Bright steady flame - Auspicious
The candle burns brightly and burns down quickly - Magick forces are with you
The candle burns slowly with struggling flame - Spell is working against opposition
Flame shoots high - The Spirit that you have invoked is present
Very low dim flame - May indicate the presence of ghosts

Candle Wax Divination

Look at the patterns of ash and wax that remain, you may divine a special meaning from them.