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Beltane Faerie Meditation


 Items needed:

Small bell

Fairy dust


Welcome to the Magical World of the Fairies. (pause)

 Open your mind, senses and heart to the divine world of perfect love. (pause)

Surround yourself with dancing candlelight and the colors of the rainbow as we begin this magical journey. (pause)

  Close your eyes and begin slow rhythmic breathing.  Inhale, drawing in everything that is positive.  Exhale and release all of the negativity and tension in your body.(pause)


Begin to allow your body to relax. (pause)

Inhale, imagining every sparkling colour of the rainbow.  Exhale, releasing your tension from the day.  Relaxing every portion of your body. (pause)

Focus on the sound and feel of your breathing as you completely and totally relax. (pause)

Listen carefully to the sound of your breathing as other sounds begin to fade into the distance. (pause)

Let your tensions begin to melt and release, flowing down through your body.  As you release the tension it turns to liquid and you feel it drain, down through your legs and out the bottoms of your feet. (pause)

As you completely and totally relax.  (pause)

Imagine a white crystalline light of energy, spinning above your head.  Begin to pull this white light into the top of your head, drawing it down until your entire body is full of bright, white, crystalline light. (pause)

Begin to push the white light to the outside of your body until you are surrounded by light, just like a protective cocoon. (pause)

You are standing at a large golden door.  You open the door you step into a hallway.  At the end of the hallway, you see a bright white light. You are drawn to it.  Begin walking towards the white light. (pause)

When you reach the end of the hallway you step through the white light and into a rolling meadow of green. (pause)

The sun is shining brightly and the sky is a wonderful blue filled with billowy clouds. (pause)

You feel a warm breeze brush your face and you hear the songs of the birds about you.  All is peaceful and safe. (pause)

Ahead of you is a dense forest of green.  As you walk into the forest you know that you are alone but completely safe. (pause)

The sunlight shines through the trees, and dances along the path, making patterns of light all around you. (pause)

You continue, deeper yet into the forest and you come to a clearing. (pause)

 Flowers begin to appear with rich beautiful colours and an intoxicating fragrance fills the air. (pause)

 You hear a gentle rush of water from a stream nearby. (pause)

Walk to the stream.  The water is clear and warm. (pause)

Gather from the stream 3 magical stones. (pause)

Hold them and feel their power and energy. (pause)

Hold the stones and call on their magic 3 times.   (pause)

What is the magick that your stones contain? (pause)

Turn around; there behind you is a large majestic old oak tree.  (pause)

Place your stones at the base of the tree and ask 3 times for a visit from a Fairy. (pause)

As you glance at the forest, sparkling orbs of rainbow colors begin to appear around you.  Dancing in and out of the trees. Ring bell  (pause)

You are surrounded by beautiful music and you find yourself in the heart of the Faerie Ring.  In the heart of their perfect love and magic. (pause)

  You feel their magic touch you as they dance and sing.  (pause)

  The touch of their perfect love allows you to enter the world of the Fae.


  You turn to face the Oak tree as the Faerie Gatekeepers appear in their rainbow colors of shimmering light. (pause)

They spread their wings; and sprinkle you with faerie dust and the entrance in the tree appears.  Sprinkle everyone with faerie dust. (pause)

Step carefully through the veil and enter faerie land (pause)

  You’re on a path of soft green moss. (pause)

The Faeries reveal their beauty and magic as they dance all around you. (pause)

You begin to dance with the Faeries, following them further and further into their realm. Do you see any other fabled creatures?  (pause)

Soon you hear the rushing of a waterfall. (pause)

You find yourself beside a clear rushing stream, the waterfall above sending arcs of color into the air. (pause)

  As you stand in front of the waterfall a rainbow appears, at that moment you kneel before it.

From behind the waterfall, an ethereal being emerges.  Kindness, love, and acceptance radiates from her heart to yours, you are filled with her perfect love, healing and strength.

You feel her touch your soul, filling you with her magic. She doesn’t speak, yet she is heard by all. What is her message? (pause)

Too soon she returns to her waterfall, and you know it is now time to take your leave. (pause)

 The Faeries will escort you back through this magical kingdom. (pause)

 Leave them trinkets of gratitude as you approach the old oak tree. (pause)

  Exit through the veil from which you entered and find yourself outside in the twilight of a full moon. (pause)

  The Faeries will escort you down the path to the edge of the forest. (pause)

  Dance in the meadow under the full moon and bring back with you the magic and the perfect love of Fairydom. (pause)

  As I begin to count from 5 to 1 you will return to the physical world. Bringing back with you all that you have learned on your journey. (pause)

  5, 4, 3, 2, 1....... Open your eyes.    Welcome back.

Author Unknown