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Attract Love Knot Spell
Author unknown adapted by Rowan



  •  three pieces of small ribbon, colored black, pink and dark blue
  •  nine black bird feathers, ravens or crows preferably.


 Braid the ribbons together chanting:


 Spider woman weaving her web
 Spider woman weaving her web
 Weaving Weaving Weaving her web
 Weaving Weaving Weaving her web


 Then tie the knots one at a time around the feathers saying this, one with each knot:

 Knot of one, the spells begun.
 Knot of two, love shines all through.
 Knot of three, my love loves me.
 Knot of four, my love I adore.
 Knot of five, my love's alive.
 Knot of six, love blessed by Nyx.
 Knot of seven, loves pours from heaven.
 Knot of eight, I make love my fate
 Knot of nine, now the spell is fine.
So Mote it Be!