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Astrological Moon Phase Magick


Moon in Aries is the best time to work magick involving leadership, authority, rebirth, spiritual conversion, or willpower. 

Moon Power - Normal

Spells  -  Health and vitality, energy workings, working on weapons, self-improvement, makeovers, conflict, combat, battles, war, warriors and soldiers, cutting through the red-tape. Spells for yourself.

Consecration - Athames, swords

Healing - Face, head, brain



Moon in Taurus is the best time to work magick for love, real estate, material acquisitions, and money.

Moon Power - Energetic

Spells -  Prosperity, security, love, music and the arts, business, possessions, self-esteem, values and ethics, bindings, endurance, patience, fertility,  contacting Goddess

Consecration - High Priestess, pentacle, altar, staff

Deity - Gaia

Healing - Throat, neck, ears


Moon in Gemini is the best time to work magick for good communication, change of residence, writing, public relations, and travel. 

Moon Power - Normal

Spells - Memory,  intelligence, ideas, travel, cars and transportation in general, buying and selling, commerce, siblings, writing, teaching and learning, adaptability, computers, communication, networking, gay, bi or cross gender issues, contacting Goddess.

Consecration - Tools, especially wands, cards, pictures

Healing -  Shoulders, arms, hands, or lungs


Moon in Cancer is the best time to work magick for home and domestic life.

Moon Power - Very Strong

Spells -  Home, Mother, family, children, food, psychic abilities, divination, finding one's roots, past lives, real estate, establishing a covenstead, initiation,  finding or buying a home, weather workings, planting and raising food crops, contacting Goddess, starting a Tradition,

Consecration - Altar, chalice

Healing -  Chest, stomach


Moon in Leo is the best time to work magick involving authority, power over others, courage, fertility, or childbirth.

Moon Power - Normal

Spells -  Love, romance and dating, children, creativity, fun, self-expression, play, vacation and leisure, investments and speculation, selling a home at a good profit, Queens and Kings, aristocracy, big rituals, awards and recognition, pride and personal pride

Healing - Upper back, spine, or heart


Moon in Virgo is the best time to work magick involving employment, intellectual matters, health, and dietary concerns.

Moon Power - Normal

Spells -  Health, healing, diagnosing, wellness, herb lore and study, organizing,  diet, making tools and objects, business and trade, establishing a system or bureaucracy, mentality and intelligence, logic, numbers and mathematics, systems and analysis, familiars, climate, science, genetics, servants, underlings, co-workers, soldiers and the military, police and law enforcement, ecology in general, cleansing, purification.

Consecration - Pentacle, all tools

Healing - Intestines, nervous system


Moon in Libra is the best time to work magick involving artistic work, justice, court cases, partnerships and unions, mental stimulation, and karmic, spiritual, or emotional balance.

Moon Power - Normal

Spells - Legal matters in general, justice, contracts, love, romance and dating, partnerships, marriage, war and/or peace, balance, beauty and harmony, music, finding a good doctor, lawyer, accountant, socializing, team-building, diplomacy, open enemies. Spells for another.

Healing - Lower back, kidneys


Moon in Scorpio is the best time to work magick involving sexual matters, power, psychic growth, secrets, and fundamental transformations.

Moon Power - Weakest

Spells - Sex, death, initiation, transformation, regeneration, renewal,  banishing, forging a group identity, secrets, research, uncovering hidden or lost things, developing psychic talents, will and willpower, magick in general, black magick, divination, contacting the other planes, contacting the dead, morals and morality, purging and purification through suffering, exorcism, hypnotism, energy workings, nuclear power, warriors and fighters, taxes and insurance, will and willpower.

Consecration - Athame, all tools that hold power

Healing - Reproductive organs


Moon in Sagittarius is the best time to work magick for publications, legal matters, travel, and truth. 

Moon Power - Normal

Spells - Legal matters in general, laws, judges, teaching and learning, education, philosophy and ethics, dreams, contacting the higher planes, accessing the Akashic records, big rituals, contacting Deity in general,  divination, starting a tradition, big business, monopolies, conscience, Ceremonial magick, luck in general, good luck.

Deity - the God

Healing - Liver, thighs, hips


Moon in Capricorn is the best time to work magick for organization, ambition, recognition, career, and political matters.

Moon Power -  Weak

Spells - Career, job, business, work, honour and reputation, big business, achievement, awards and recognition, Father, authority in general, world leaders, statesmen, presidents, the government in general, Ceremonial Magick.

Consecration - High Priest

Healing - Knees, bones, teeth, skin


Moon in Aquarius is the best time to work magick involving science, freedom, creative expression, problem-solving, extrasensory abilities, friendship, and the breaking of bad habits or unhealthy addictions.

Moon Power - Normal

Spells - Friends, acquaintances, clubs and organizations, founding a coven, covens in general, Congress and other legislative bodies, congressmen and representatives, getting a raise, hopes, idealism, politics in general, making the world a better place, utopia, electronic things in general, freedom, genius, logic, luck in general.  

Healing - Calves, ankles,  blood


Moon in Pisces is the best time to work magick involving dream-work, clairvoyance, telepathy, music, and the creative arts.

Moon Power - Normal

Spells - Increasing psychic ability, contacting other planes, merging with Deity, spirituality, prisons and prisoners, confinement, the downtrodden and unfortunate, criminals, hidden enemies, past lives and karma, reincarnation, magick in general, potions, brews, poisons, drawing out poisons, cleansing, secrets and hidden things, finding lost items, banishment, exorcism, medium-ship, charity and welfare, widows and orphans, spies, working on self-betterment by examining hidden aspects of yourself, hypnotism, mental health, nuclear power, radiation, psychic healing, working with oils, incenses and perfumes, luck in general, bad luck.

Healing - Feet, lymph glands



Moon Spells and Lunar Correspondences - Estelle Daniels