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  Seven Knob Candle Spell

 A 7 knob candle is used to obtain wishes and draw something towards you. 

Items Needed:

7 Knob Candle

Attraction Oil

Carrier oil – 1 oz (sweet almond)
Lovage Herb – tsp
Lemon Peel – tsp
Rose Petals -tsp
Lemon Balm -1/2 tsp
Small piece of Lodestone

Choose a candle color that corresponds to your desire. Green for prosperity or luck, red for strength, courage and protection and white for purity, or as an all-purpose candle.

Beginning at the bottom knob, carve your desire using words, pictures, runes etc into each of the 7 knobs.

Dress the candle with Drawing Oil.

Beginning when the Moon is waxing gibbous (one week before the Full Moon), burn one knob every night. Strongly visualize your desire manifesting while chanting:

Drawing oil and candle fire,
Bring to me, my desire.

©Rowan Morgana 2013