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flowers have always meant sooo much to me, i would like to understand the influence this part of nature plays in my life and learning path...

Thank you for such a lovely straight forward lay out of a website. With all those magical touches - and information

I haven't practiced in a while but suddenly got the urge to and wanted inspiration. Glad i found this website.

I use this site as a reference for some things. I just wanted to say thank you for all the time and effort that was put into this. You have all helped us. Thank you from everyone. Blessed be my friends.

WlOVE & lIGHThat a lOVE & Fascinating site it has everything WOW

I am very new to Wicca yet I have always felt a calling to nature, and magical beings. Fairytales and mythology wasn't fake to me. I always sensed it was real just hiding from the world we live in now. Any guidance on how to setup and really start things is appreciated. Wicca is hard to explore where I'm from. I'm using books by Scott Cunningham to help me learn solitary practice due to lack of knowledge in Wicca.

Thank you for sharing this.
Blessed be.

I am returning to the life after many years of being away and any help returning to my roots would be greatly appreciated

Your site is great! A wonderful resource for the new and experienced witches.

I have been a witch since I was little born a witch, that does not practice because of ill health, though I am winning the fight and soon will be well enough to practice again. I have no teacher no one to show me the rope I just knew somehow.

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