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I've just recently been introduced to Wicca but I believe I've had a calling for it all my life. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge so that people like me can learn and be inspired by your work, knowledge and practice.

Very interested in all

i am new to Wicca and am hoping to learn more about it and ran into this page.

Hi I am always wanting to learn more, this fascinates me. Some of this is so familiar from another life.

Thank you for this resource.

thank you ..,blessed be

Thank you very much. I am extremely new to things and you have had answers to questions I hadn’t even asked yet.

Thank you for providing me with more info on witchcraft

Searching for a cleansing ritual for my very large crystals. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Blessed be

Thank you for the new knowledge. I appreciate your site.

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