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Been looking for a spell and this link popped up xxx
Blessings to you for all this free advice fantastic xxx

I just came across your page while seeking guidance from out in puerto rico, I've been a devout believer for years, I used to go to white dove in Wichita, kansas quite a bit, I'd really appreciate any kind of guidance you could give me, Blessed be

Your site is one of the best I use for reference when I need it. Especially when it comes to Celtic and Ancient lore of the Gods and Goddesses I work very closely with.
Many blessings and many thanks for all the work you do to provide the information you do for people like me and the work I do.
Blessed Be

Thank you so much for creating this site. I'm interested in what Wicca is and beliefs. I'd love to know more about Hecate to get a better understanding of the goddess. I would also love to know what god would best match with Hecate and how they best match each other. And I'd like to know more about rituals and sabbats. You're website is my go to for answers towards any questions about Wicca. Thank you for helping me gain a better understanding of Wicca.

Thank you for your site, and information you share. I have been drawn to Wicca several times before, I come from strict Christian family so previously engrained belief system kept me from becoming involved further. Honestly, I came upon your site because I am looking for essential oil benefits, usage (originally for healing but am expanding my belief for their additional purposes). I will read more thru this site, seems fortuitous I am here. Much Love & Appreciation to You.

Much love to the Divine Goddess, Isis.

Love your website and I will come back often!

Thank you for your inspirational website. I come from a Christian denomination and I have just recently become attracted to Wicca. I want to learn all that I can about Wicca and your website is extremely enlightening for me. Thank you.

I love reading about Hecate. She is a great Goddess. Thanks for the info. Blessed be.

Beautiful essencial oil recipies and inspiring alters. Thank you for being

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