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I have had several mediums contacte me and give me a reading of my future. But I'm having a really hard time believing them due to them always wanting money. There was one chant or ritual that stood out to me it involved crosses. I believe it was for luck and money. Anyhow im just trying to find out which one it was so I can preform it myself.

i am just beginning my journey with wicca, and was searching out of curiosity for the deity i felt most resonated with me. The goddess persephone came to mind and spirit and found your site while in search for more information. it was very informative and eye-opening , thank you <3

I was just searching for ideas for offerings for Hekate and stumbled across your awesome website! I learned so much more about her !I am so excited to discover the pages available for my BOS as well. As a practicing wiccan I enjoy collecting various spells to add to it and you have some really clever ones. I will be utilizing your site a lot more you can be sure. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this. Its a fountain of Magickal knowledge. I will definitely be sharing this with my friends.

I am a Natural born Witch, Medium, and Shaman. I do charity work as a Spiritual Advisor at "The Coven of Compassion" on Facebook.

I came across your page doing research for a story on Medium:

i am 16 and trying to find my inner wiccan and this is helping me so much!

I am on a journey, that I am loving. I use your site for the research I am doing. Thank you so very much for the research and work you have done on this site. I truly appreciate it.


This was a nice find! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Keep up the good work.

Your site is very informative.
Thank you!!
Blessed Be

Thank you for being you

What you're doing here is an amazing tool for those just coming into practice,
Blessed Be

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