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This is a great site. You seem like a great teacher!

I love this website, and the guestbook is a really unique and awesome idea! I love it.

I love this site. :)

Wow because this is really excellent job! Congrats and keep it up.

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Thanks, this website is really useful.

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I love this site. Very informative.

Thank you

Sonja x

my former post seems to have been eaten by the goblins. lol THANK YOU so much for the information and just the way you give us what is needed when needed. I would say the Goddess is guiding your hand.

I have recently decided I would like to follow the spiritual path. Your website has given me some good starter points to build my knowledge and understanding.

I love your site.

This has been an amazing study. What I like the most about it, is that I have respect for nature and get enjoy being more with nature and using rituals to enhance my enjoyment of it. In this people learn about the goddess and the god. There are many topics that are great. I learn that there is magic and magick, I learn about the values and great facts about wicca, the tools and how to setup the altar and invite others to join a ritual.

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